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Sydney 8 - 11 September 2016

You’re hungry for something, and you won’t settle for less. The competitive edge. The will to win. The drive to overcome any obstacle. Whatever you call it, winners find a way.

Tony Robbins - Your “why guy”

World’s #1 Business & Life Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist No-one understands the psychology of success like Anthony Robbins who has coached more than 50 million people from over 100 countries.

An authority on Peak Performance Tony has also advised some of the world’s highest-performing achievers: from 7-figure clients like Fortune 500 CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes.

An honoured business strategist:

  • One of the "Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World" - Accenture

  • One of the "Top 200 Business Gurus" - Harvard Business Press

  • One of the "Top Six Business Leaders in the World" - American Express

  • A Top 100 Celebrity - Forbes

A best-selling author

Tony is the creator of the #1-selling personal and professional development system of all time.

Four steps to transformation


The firewalk experience
Imagine that fear was suddenly no longer a factor in your life. What would you do? What would you change, give, be, or accomplish?

Those who create an extraordinary life and achieve their highest vision share one fundamental power: the capacity to turn their fears and limitations into positive focussed action.

  • Learn the secret to peak performance that Anthony Robbins has used to transform the world's elite athletes, entertainers, and business leaders.
  • Discover how to break the unconscious fears that are holding you back.
  • Storm across a bed of hot coals between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. (You don't have to, but you'll want to!) Once you start doing the impossible (or at least what you thought was impossible), you can conquer the other fires of your life with ease.


The power of success conditioning
Clarity is power. Leaders have it; followers are constantly looking for it. You'll acquire it in this session, no matter where you're starting from. You'll leave with a clear understanding of what it is you truly want most in your life, make fundamental decisions, build a plan and create strategies for sustained momentum.

  • Discover the 3 steps to changing anything in your life permanently.
  • Develop a clear target of what you want in your life and why—in your career, your body, your finances and your relationships.
  • Master the powerful skills of rapport and influence to maximise your effectiveness as a parent, partner, business person and leader.
  • Learn Tony's personal process for getting from where you are to where you want to be every time, plus the universal principles for creating and sustaining wealth.


Transformation day
Now that you've conquered your fears, clarified what you want and made a plan for getting there, the only thing that's holding you back are the inevitable inner conflicts that prevent you from taking consistent action.

On this day, you'll uncover beliefs that limit your life.

  • Learn a step-by-step process for modelling the best strategies to consistently achieve any result you desire.
  • Experience global change in your life by replacing beliefs that limit you with empowering beliefs that will drive you to get the results you want in any area of your life.
  • Create and utilise triggers to get yourself (and others) to follow through.


12 master principles of a vital life
What's the most important factor to creating an extraordinary quality of life?

The answer is energy. Your health is the most important factor, yet in a time of constant demands, we often neglect what we know is most important.

If you're going to take your life to the next level, it's vital to make a commitment to living a more energised and healthy life.

  • Learn how to dramatically increase your energy.
  • Learn effective nutritional and psychological strategies to bolster your immune system.
  • Take the 10-day Challenge and put into action what you've learned and experience the vibrant energy, health and vitality you deserve.

Also featuring: JOSEPH MCCLENDON III Peak Performance Coach

“Coach” Joseph McClendon lll currently serves as Senior Head Trainer and instructor of Tony Robbins’ acclaimed Mastery University. He is also the founder of Succeleration Research Group, a leading peak performance coaching organization that serves political, entertainment and business communities. McClendon has also taught courses in human re-engineering, leadership, advanced communication and human influence at the University of California, Los Angeles.

At UPW you will

break through the fears that hold you back create momentum in your life

harness the key strategies for wealth creation

My story from UPW

Turia Pitt

“There's no way I'm doing a firewalk”

Maria Menounos

“To say my life has changed on a multitude of levels is a freaking understatement!”

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey

“When you start to achieve the things you want... celebrate - it’s OK to enjoy it!”


I spent my life pleasing everybody else & it didn’t fulfil me.

Tony & Chantal

“He was like my best friend, instantly!”

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Alternatively, let one of Tony Robbins Team assist you on 1800 244 388

Features of the Diamond Lounge

  • Superb buffet lunches and refreshments

  • Your own Barista – complimentary coffee or tea anytime

  • Concierge – on call for any arrangements and assistance

  • Complimentary WIFI access

  • Separate secluded area – to simply relax or take those last minute calls

  • Mini Massage – indulge yourself, you deserve it

For many Diamond Clients the most memorable highlight is the opportunity for one to one interaction with Tony in the Diamond Lounge.

Event details

Four Day event
Thur 8th – Sun 11th September 2016


Everyone attending the event MUST register! Registration is on Thursday 8th Sept 9:30am until 12:00noon. Please allow at least 60 minutes for this process.


Thursday 8th September: 12pm - 12midnight
Friday 9th September: – 8:30am - 10:30pm
Saturday 10th September: 8:30am – 12midnight
Sunday 11th September: 9:30am - 6:30pm

Please note times for the event are approximate only & are subject to change.

Sydney Showgrounds

Exhibition Hall 4 (next to The Dome), 1 Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park Sydney 2000

“Tony Robbins’ coaching has helped me discover what I’m really made of. With his help, I’ve set new standards for myself and taken my life to a whole new level!”
.Serena Williams
17-Time Grand Slam Tennis Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist
“Tony Robbins provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward.”
.Donna Karan
Legendary Fashion Designer
“It doesn’t matter what social status you are - what level you think you are at — he raises you to the top of your capability.”
After attending UPW Ft. Lauderdale, 2014
We’ve been selected by Forbes as the most innovative company in the world for four consecutive years. Without access to Tony and his teachings, wouldn’t exist today.”
.Marc Benioff
Founder, Chairman, and CEO of
“This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life”
.Oprah Winfrey
After UPW Los Angeles